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Exam Information 

To complete each module, an exam is required. Upon successful completion of coursework, personal practice, practice teaching, observation hours, written and practical exam, the Presley Pilates Teacher Certificate will be awarded to the new Pilates teacher for the module(s) that she/he completed. Our program offers an assesment-based certificate of completion, based on the recommendations of the Pilates Method Alliance.

What to expect in your written exam? 

The written exam consists of multiple choice questions and some essay type questions. Students' knowledge base will be tested in following areas:

  • History of Pilates.
  • Basic principles and their application to the exercises.
  • Common special conditions and contraindications.
  • Anatomy. 
  • Common postural issues and postural analysis.
  • Exact knowledge of each exercise and their modifications.
  • Order of exercises.

What to expect in the practical exam?

The practical exam is a demonstration of student's readiness to work with clients independently and confidently. The exam resembles a real life teaching situation with a client and allows student to show their skills by going through following steps:

  • Brief introduction to the history of Pilates and equipment.
  • Explanation of the basic principles. 
  • Asking subject appropriate questions to gather data about their health history, physical condition and goals.
  • Taking subject through an appropriate workout that emphasizes their goals and addresses their special needs.
  • Explanation of exercise choices.

During the practical exam, the examiner will rate students skills and professionalism in following areas:

  • Presentation and communication.
  • Cueing and application of the Pilates principles in each exercise.
  • Client safety, proper use and set up of equipment.
  • Exercise choices, progression and sequencing.

Repeating an exam

If the student isn't able to pass the written, or practical exam, a new written, or practical exam can be scheduled for and extra fee. The new exam will be scheduled at student's and Instructor's convenience. To prepare for the exam, additional personal practice, practice teaching and observation hours are recommended.