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Timea Presley

Pilates & Pilates Teacher Training

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Articles Pilates for the Young Dancer, Interview with Lesley Braverman about teaching the young ballet dancer, by Timea Presley. How Pilates Works During Pregnancy, Q&A with Melanie Byford Young, STOTT Pilates Master Instructor Trainer of Rehabilitation, Physical Therapist and Co-Founder of Pacific Northwest Pilates, by Timea Presley. 
MINT DC's Blog: Post-Baby Bodies, the Lingering Baby Bump and How Pilates Can Help, Q&A with Jean Leavenworth, STOTT Pilates Master Instructor Trainer, MELT Method Instructor, by Timea Presley.

The Washington Post: The Hard Core Circuit, A New Twist on Pilates Training Adds in Cardio Benefit, article about Timea Presley's class, by Vicky Hallett.