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Pilates & Pilates Teacher Training

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Presley Pilates Teacher Training and Certification in Washington DC

The Presley Pilates Teacher Training and Certification Program is committed to preparing you for a successful carrier as a Pilates Instructor equipped to find educated and creative solutions to serve a clientele with diverse needs, while respectfully working within the frame that Joseph Pilates provided. 

The training can also be a tool for those who seek to deepen their practice and gain a thorough understanding of the method.

Course Work

The 500 hour comprehensive teacher training curriculum meets Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) criteria and Presley Pilates is included in the PMA Registry of Schools. The four separately scheduled modules include course work, personal practice, practice teaching, observation and exam. The modules can be taken in following order:

  • Mat course, exam and certificate
  • Reformer course, exam and certificate
  • Tower & Cadillac course, exam and certificate
  • Chair & Barrels course, exam and certificate

In addition to learning to teach the exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, the course work will also cover:

  • Anatomy and movement principles.
  • Communication and verbal cueing.
  • Exercise layering and progression, designing a class.
  • Modifications and pre-Pilates for clients with special conditions.
  • Observing and analyzing posture and movement patterns. 
  • Have the opportunity to practice teach and observe classes. 
  • Professionalism and scope of practice.
  • History of Pilates.

Personal Practice

Students can start recording and accumulating personal practice hours once the course started. Accepted forms of personal practice hours include taking private and group sessions, practicing the movement sequences of the course at home, or practicing by watching selected video material on Pilates Anytime.

Practice Teaching

Recorded teaching hours taught after the start date of the course count towards practice teaching. You can practice teach by instructing a friend, a family member, or as an apprentice instructor in a studio. 


Students can schedule observation hours in a Pilates studio, or watch selected content on the video library of Pilates Anytime. Observation hours can be started and counted after the beginning date of the course.

Liability Insurance

As you work towards your certification, it is important to protect yourself in case of accidents. Pilates Insurance Plus teamed up with Presley Pilates to offer you affordable, all-inclusive Pilates insurance. 25% discount included off of the full rate as a courtesy of Presley Pilates. Find details here.


  • Mat module: $1995
  • Reformer module: $1995
  • Cadillac & Tower module: $1995
  • Chair & Barrels module: $1995
  • Course manuals: included 
  • Return to Life, by Joseph Pilates and William J. Miller 
  • Student's liability insurance 
  • Pilates Anytime: $18 per month

Comprehensive 500hr Pilates Teacher Training Course Summary
 Course Work Personal PracticePractice Teaching ObservationSummary

Mat Teacher Training 
32 hrs 35 hrs 35 hrs  20 hrs 122 hrs
Reformer Teacher Training
32 hrs 35 hrs 35 hrs  20 hrs122 hrs 
Cadillac & Tower Teacher Training
32 hrs 35 hrs 35 hrs 20 hrs 122 hrs 
Chair & Barrels Teacher Training
32 hrs 35 hrs 35 hrs  20 hrs122 hrs 
Comprehensive Teacher Training Summary128 hrs 144 hrs 144 hrs84 hrs500hrs

Our program offers an assessment-based certificate of completion, based on the recommendations of the Pilates Method Alliance. Upon finishing all of the requirements including written and practical exam, the Presley Pilates Teacher Certificate will be awarded to recognize mastery of curriculum. 

Bridge Program

Students who have completed a part of a Pilates training program through other organizations and are interested in obtaining further training, should contact us to inquire about our bridge program.

 Pilates Method Alliance certification 

The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) is the international, not-for-profit, professional association and certifying agency dedicated to the teachings of Joseph H. and Clara Pilates. The PMA's mission is to foster community, integrity, and respect for diversity; establish certification and continuing education standards; and promote the Pilates method of exercise. Students who successfully completed all exams and received full certificate for our 450 hour program are eligible to register for the PMA exam.