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Timea Presley

Pilates & Pilates Teacher Training

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Client testimonials

Timea Presley's group Reformer classes are simply classy! With vast knowledge of Joseph Pilates' method and quiet, sincere guidance, Timea takes even the stiffest students to new levels of proprioception, if not flexibility. She plans every class, varies the movements and equipment frequently, and corrects clumsiest efforts respectfully and gently. You will not be bored; you will be challenged. You will sweat but never huff and puff and injure yourself. After a few sessions, you'll find yourself walking taller with less pain and more grace. Timea is truly a master instructor. 
- Mary S., Washington DC

Strength and agility training with a touch of Zen. That is Pilates with Timea Presley. Her knowledge of Pilates theory and practice is deep: her instruction is both focused and encouraging. After 5+ years of taking Pilates with Timea, I am still learning and loving the way my body feels after a solid 50 minute workout.
- Lisbeth L, Washington DC

Through Pilates, Timea has helped me transform my body, mind and spirit.  My longer, leaner, straighter body is more fun to live in and my aches and pains are gone. The newfound strength of my mind/body connection leads me to make more mindful choices about what to eat, when to rest and how to add calm to the emotional mix of my sometimes-frenetic days. Over all, I am happier, healthier and more connected to myself, to others and to the big and small wonders of life. 
-Judy M., Washington DC

I have been training with Timea for a little over a year and have been very leased with my experience. I am not one, who usually enjoys working out, but doing Pilates has kept me motivated and entertained and coming back twice a week. Moreover the comments that I get from friends and acquaintances about the physical changes in my body are great.
-Anna Cathrine D., Washington DC

I have been taking Pilates reformer classes with Timea for about a year and can't say enough great things about her. Her attention to detail makes all the difference be it making sure that you are doing each of the exercises properly, gently prodding you to push yourself further, or noticing the progress you have made. While I have yet to achieve totally flat abs, my core is much more toned and now strong enough for me to pull of some impressive Pilates exercises that I never thought I would be able to do. Most importantly, Timea's knowledge of how to target various muscle groups effectively means that you are never at a loss of why you are doing the exercises. And the results prove it.
-Erin E., Washington DC

Timea is a thoughtful, composed, and talented instructor who continually challenges her students while not neglecting the foundations of Pilates. Timea has a quick eye to correct posture and form and has a vast repertoire of variations to complement the traditional Pilates sequence. Timea’s experience is evident in the way that she prepares and structures the classes – movements always flow from one to another and she fits so much into the short class period. She always has time for questions or to offer alternative exercises. Timea is also a warm and lovely person – you want to be her student and friend!  After nearly 10 years of practicing Pilates, I can say with confidence and certainty that Timea Presley is the best instructor that I have ever had. Not only has my Pilates practice greatly improved but Timea makes Pilates so enjoyable that I look forward to attending class for many years to come.

 -Lizzie W., Washington DC

As a guy that had never tried Pilates, I was shocked to see the gains Timea has helped me achieve.   The work on the Pilates Reformer was much harder and far more physical than I thought it would be.   As a life-long swimmer I also thought that my core was strong, but was surprised to see how much improvement Timea was able to generate.  My swimming times are now close to what I was performing in college and the pain from my main injury – lower back pain from a football accident – has subsided.  Timea is a consummate professional who knows how to work with former athletes who refuse to slow down.

-Lee Z., Washington, DC