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Timea Presley

Pilates & Pilates Teacher Training

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Welcome To My Website! 

My name is Timea Presley and I am a professional movement teacher & Pilates Teacher Trainer based in Washington DC. With over sixteen years of instructing and managing experience I have taught over 20,000 hours of private and group classes in Europe and the US. acquired experience as: 

Pilates Teacher, Pilates Teacher Trainer, Post Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist,Yoga and Barre Instructor, Studio Owner, Program Director and Dancer 

The goal of my work is to help you to connect with your body, fine tune motor skills and balance strength and flexibility. You will learn to apply contemporary movement principles and proven, accepted practices in biomechanics, rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement to improve the quality of your life. 

Learn about Pilates in depth in a Pilates Teacher Training Course in DC.

"Timea is a creative teacher, who provides a safe place to explore a side of Pilates that few understand." Kristina Windom, Faculty Member, Guest Ballet Mistress and Artistic Coordinator of the Washington Ballet

"Timea has become a key collaborator in the continuum of rehabilitative care for so many of my patients, offering a safe, effective, and inspiring progression after injury and for those dealing with chronic pain." Dana Logan, Physical Therapist

Pilates for the Young Dancer, by Timea Presley ( The Pulse of the Pilates Industry) 

I have been re-invited to teach Pilates classes to the students of The Washington School of Ballet's Summer Intensive this June and July. I decided to interview Leslie Braverman, former ballerina and STOTT Pilates Lead Instructor Trainer about why Pilates helps the developing body of a young dancer, how instructors can identify weaknesses and how to improve them.