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Timea Presley

Pilates Program Director, former Studio Owner and Professional Dancer, Instructor for Advanced Level STOTT Pilates Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels, Polestar Pilates Mat, STOTT Injuries and Special Populations, Prenatal Pilates, Yoga, Spinning

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Hello and welcome to my personal website! 
My name is Timea Presley and I am a movement professional. On my path to my current position as Pilates Program Director in the luxury fitness industry I explored the worlds of a professional dancer, pilates studio owner, yoga studio director and independent instructor. 

As a movement instructor...
I am interested in healthy, safe, creative, sustainable, energizing and challenging exercise that improves my client's health and well-being both physically and mentally. I focus on preparing clients for healthy aging and minimize the risk of injury. If you work towards those goals, the toned, graceful look will come as a byproduct of the workouts. 

As a leader of a group of instructors...
I am interested in creating an environment that feels supportive, honest, encouriging and productive. I help instructors find their strengths and interests and inspire them to incorporate their latest researched subjects into their teaching. Their enthusiasm always shines through the material of the class, which encourages clients to stay motivated and participate in the program.
The achievments i am the most proud of...
Having started and built three pilates studios to this date. My own studio in berlin and two studios for the company I work for in Washington. 

My most important goal for the near future...
Starting a 450 hr Pilates teacher training program that is in alignment with PMA standards.

Personal details...
I was born and raised in Budapest and have lived in Heidelberg, Berlin, Washington, Portland, Denver and again Washington since I moved away from Hungary. I speak Hungarian, German and English. I love preparing my own food for good health and I am a vegetarian for good karma. 

Enjoy exploring my site and please email me your thoughts, requests, questions, or comments to I am looking forward to hearing from you! 

Best regards,

Timea Presley