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Timea Presley

Pilates Program Director, Post Rehab Specialist, Prenatal Instructor, former Studio Owner & Dancer, Advanced STOTT Pilates Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels, Polestar Pilates Mat, Injuries & Special Populations, Yoga, Spinning Instructor

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Welcome to my personal website! 

My name is Timea Presley and I am a Pilates professional with over fifteen years of instructing and managing experience in the luxury fitness and health industry.

As an instructor, former studio owner, dancer and now Pilates Program Director based in Washington DC I feel never ending inspiration to:  
  • help my clients to understand the benefits of Pilates and enjoy their sessions
  • train and mentor new Pilates professionals
  • start and grow studios
  • coordinate and support instructors in my team 
  • create fresh and inspired Pilates programs 
  • create content for marketing, press and social media
  • organize workshops and events 

The years of teaching and practicing convinced me that Pilates is the best solution for improving physical well being, staying strong, healthy, limber and prevent injury. Contact me to set up an appointment, or discuss which of my services can support you. I look forward to working with you! 

"Timea's knowledge of how the body moves and her extensive experience with the Reformer can change your life as it did mine." Judith Mills

"Timea combines demanding technique with interesting choreography and a calm demeanor. She is both highly professional and accessible." Elaine Zuckerman

"Strength and agility training with a touch of Zen. That's Pilates with Timea Presley." Lisbeth Lyons